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The Zbrojovka Phenomenon (2022)

The Zbrojovka Phenomenon
Better to work, better to live!

Tens of thousands of photos. Hundreds of thousands of employees. Countless stories. This is the Zbrojovka Phenomenon.
From political meetings and May Day parades to company retreats and birthday parties. Official photographs for company newspapers and bulletin boards and fleeting snapshots taken for fun. This is the content of the period archive mapping life and work at Zbrojovka for more than three decades. The archive was found and saved by photographer Roman Franc and his classmate. Using the photographs, a collective of authors prepared the book entitled The Zbrojovka Phenomenon and this exhibition. The key to selecting the photographs was their timeless visual power and their ability to hint at hidden stories from the life of Zbrojovka, which together can bring us closer to its authentic reality.